• The next Lincoln Height Neighborhood Counci meeting will be at 6 pm, on May 21 at the Southside Senior and Activity Center, 27th & Ray. One action at the May meeting will be aneighborhood vote on adding Altamont Blvd traffic study improvements to the Lincoln Heights neighborhood’s list of traffic calming projects.
  •  Spring cleanup is here. There will be a free curbside pickup on April 24 & 25th.  Watch for a postcard with details about which pickup date applies to your street.  ALSO, City of Spokane is now passing out dump passes.  Details are at: Disposal pass
  • Update! The Spokane City Council approved the designation of 29th, from Martin St to Fiske St, as a pedestrian street. “It creates street standards for safer streets that make it more accessible for pedestrians, creates new design guidelines, and then it also bans new drive-thrus. While this isn’t about any specific proposal or drive-thru, it would ban new ones going forth,” Paul Dillion, Spokane City Council Member (District 2), said.
  • May is Bike Everywhere Month.  Check out these FREE neighborhood bike rides: http://spokanebicycleclub.org/SpokaneBikes
District Center Master Plan can be viewed here: https://my.spokanecity.org/projects/lincoln-heights-district-center/.

Minutes from recent meetings are posted below:

    • Minutes from March 2024 meeting are here: March 2024 – DRAFT
    • Minutes from February 2024 meeting are here: Feb 2024
    • Minutes from January 2024 meeting are here: Jan 2024
    • Minutes from December 2023 meeting are here: December 2023
    • Minutes from November 2023 meeting are here: Nov 2023
    • Minutes from October 2023 meeting are here: Oct 2023
    • Minutes from September 2023 meeting are here: Sept 2023
    • Minutes from August 2023 meeting are here: August 2023
    • Minutes from the July 2023 meeting are here: July 2023
    • Minutes from the June 2023 meeting are here: June 2023
    • Minutes from the May 2023 meeting are here: May 2023
    • Minutes from the April 2023 meeting are here: April 2023
    • Minutes from the March 2023 meeting are here: March 2023
    • Minutes from the February 2023 meeting are here: Feb. 2023; Office of Neighborhood Services report is here: ONS Report Feb 2023
    • Minutes from January 2023 meeting are here: Jan 2023
    • Minutes from December 2022 meeting are here: Dec 2022
    • Minutes from November 2022 meeting are here: Nov 2022
    • Minutes from the October 2022 meeting are here: Oct 2022
    • Minutes from September 2022 meeting are here: September 2022
    • Minutes from August 2022 meeting are here: August 2022
    • Minutes from July 2022 meeting are here: July 2022
    • Minutes from June 2022 meeting are here: June 2022
    • Minutes from May 2022 meeting are here: May 2022
    • Minutes from April 2022 meeting are here: April 2022
    • Minutes from March 2022 meeting are here: March 2022
    • Minutes from Feb 16, 2022 Traffic Calming mtg here: Feb mtg on Traffic Calming 2.0
    • Minutes from February 2022 meeting are here: Feb 2022
    • Minutes from January 2022 meeting are here: Jan 2022
    • See our Documents tab for earlier minutes.

LHNC meetings are held live every other month: Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sept, Nov, on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  On alternate months, the Council meets via Zoom.

  • Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council boundaries:West: SE Blvd, Perry; East: Havana; South: 37th; North: 14th, Napa, 11th (it’s complicated); West: Perry; East:  Havana